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X Class


The X-class has evolved from our best salling series, N Series, that sold 28,000 units.It is designed to reflect thousands of our customers’ opinions on the N Series to and to offer high precision, high quality and high reliability at an affordable price.The X-class that can flexibly meet a wide range of needs is a next-generation machine and sets a new standard of machine tools. X-class Main features

  1. High rigidity
    The X-class machine uses a thick, high-rigidity bed with the X- and Z-axis linear guides in a high position; a spindle with a large-diameter bearing; and a table and pallets with a powerful clamping force. The high-rigidity structure ensures stable machining for heavy-duty cutting.
  2. Measures against thermal displacement
    The X-class machine uses Mori Seiki’s original technologies, a heat-symmetrical structure that disperse heat evenly, and coolant circulation inside the castings to minimize thermal displacement. In addition, it exerts active control over thermal displacement, offering high-precision machining.
  3. Energy saving
    The X-class machine uses LED lighting and a hydraulic unit equipped with an accumulator, and is designed to reduce environmental burden and running costs. The total power and lubricating oil consumption has been reduced dramatically compared to the conventional models.
  4. A wide variety of models
    The X-class machine is available in a wide variety of models to accommodate different workpiece sizes, machining and needs for automation.
  5. Compliance with safety standards
    The X-class machine conforms to the latest standards in the world, including CE Standards, UL Standards, and ANSI.
    The X-class machine uses the MAPPS IV high-performance operating system for the operation panel. It is also equipped with extensive programming functions, including the Automatic conversational programming function(standard). The 3D interference checking function is incorporated in the X-class multi-axis machine as standard, offering the world’s best protection against interference. In addition, ESPRIT® CAM software enables complex 3D programming with high-added value.