Siam Inter Mach

DMU 50/DMU 70

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Entry-level CNC universal milling with up to 5 axes.

The DMU 50/70 machines set a new standard in the shpo, in training, and in the laboratory, as well as for tool. fixture- and mould construction. THese CNC universal milling machines are characterized by innvative engineering – in every detail. High-light that contribute to the increased dynamics of the DMU 50 and DMU 70 in clude digital drives in all axes as well as on the main spindle, a rapid traverse of up to 24/m/min accelerations up to 5 m/s2 and a milling spindle with up to 14,000 rpm. Apart from the standard-equipped fixed table, an number of optional configurations are available, such as a manual or driven swivel rotary table with a hydraulic table clamping device. This adds two more machining axes. The efficient cross slide sonstruction with a rigid rebbed, cast-iron base offers a foundation with noticeably more precision.
Starte-of-the-art control technology with the DMU ERGOline Control. a 19″ TFT-screen and 3D-software ensures the fastest job processing times as well as superb precision and reliability. With the DMU 50/70, DMG offers the perfect, economically priced machine for entry into the world of 5-axis milling centres.


New design , 3D-controls, digital drives and speeds up to 14,000 rpm.

The machine design of the universal milling machines DMU50/70 offers the perfect solutions for manucafturing, everything from single parts toe small series. Digital drives, speeds of up to 14,000 rpm and a powerful tool changer with 16 or 30 pockets allow the automatic manufacturing of even complex workpieces. Jobs involving various machining tasks can be performed in as little as two settings. The new machine design with optimal access and greater visibility into the work area, as well as the DMG ERGOline Control with a 19″ screen, increase ergonomics and highlights the universality of these compact machines.


Advance technology on a small footprint from three to five ases.

The new custom table-options offer clear advangates for every application: rigid table, manual swivel rotary table, and swivel rotary table with digital drives. This is how even very complex workpieces are machined in as little as two settings.
The swivel rotary table expands the standard configuration of this machine class by two additional axes the B and C-axis. With and extended swivel range of up to 115°(-5°/ +100°) that allows undercuts of up to 20°, the hydraulic table clamp is part of the options for the swivel rotary table. Guideways, drives, measuring systems and tools are optimally positioned outside the word area.

DUM50-DMU70-in-cross-slide-design Hightlights-DMU50-DMU70

Hightlights DMU 50 / 70

  • Optimum flexibity – Variable table options from rigid to swivel rotary table with digital drives for automatic 5-axis machining
  • High workpiece weights – and maximum precision due intergrated swivel rotary table with large roller bearing diameters in both rotary axes
  • Optimum space economy – Execellent accessibility to the work ares, good chip disposal and steply slanted walls, large work area in relation to small machine size
  • Mounting of tool magazine – with 16 (optional) or 30 (optional) tool pockets parallel to production time
  • Digital drives and direct measuring system(optional) – gurantee highest precision and perfect surfaces
  • Powerful motor spindle – with up to 14,000 rpm (optional, 100 Nm and 18.9 kW)
  • Maximum predision – Digital drives, a machine base made from polymer concreate, intergrated swivel rotary table(optional), wide advanced roller guideways

Top of the line options for every application.

The high performing and reliable tool changers of the DMU 50/70 with the option of 16 pockets in pick up mode or 30 pockets with fast double gripper offer setup parallel to production time. This, combined with minimal chip to chip tmimes, leads to time savings across all areas of production.
In addition, contamination with chips is prevented due to the separation of work area and tools. Automatic cone cleaning occurs when HSK fittings are used and combined with 30 tool pockets.

Top-of-the-line-options-for-every-application Siemens-840D-Solutionline

Siemens 840D solutionline

  • Shopmill Open with Windows XPTM
  • 3D simulation
  • Processing from the hard drive
  • Fast editing of large programs
  • Simple, visually supported setup
  • Extensive tool management
  • 19″ screen
Your benefits
  • Easy, interactive programming
  • Programming without additional documuntation
  • Extensive cycle selection
  • Safety through pre-job simulation
  • Sophisticated tool handling

Heidenhain iTNC530

  • User interface smarT.NC or proven TNC plain text
  • 3D simulation
  • Simple editing of large programs
  • Coordinate transformation
  • Tool management with a context sensitive help function
  • Comfortable intergration of WindowTM applications on dual processor system (optional)
  • 19″ screen

Your benefits

  • Familiar and proven Heidenhain user interface
  • Fast program generation
  • Visually supported programming
  • Ease-of-use, due to a wide range of available cycles

Heidenhain MillPlus iT

  • DMG 3D software MillPlus
  • 3D simulation
  • State-of-the-art software interface options
  • Geometry and temperature compensation
  • Adjustable lurch control
  • Comfortable intergration of WindowsTM applications on a dual process system (optional)
  • 19″ screen

Your benefits

  • Ergonomic menu design
  • Excellent flexibility during data access
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Visually supported programming
  • Ease-of-use, due to a wide range of available cycles

DMG ERGOline® Control with a 19″ screen and 3D-workpiece simulation.

The most significant highlight of the new machine design is the DMG ERGOline®  control with a 19″ screen. THe larger screen ensures better readability and allows the intergration of additional DMG SOFTkey® and additional status information, which leads to more efficient overall operation. The key switch is replaced by an intelligent DMG SMARTkey® with chip replacement which offers complete ease-of-operation, with features rangin from retrievable machine operating modes to personalised user access.

The operator has access to state-of-art 3D control, such as the Heidenhain iTNC 530, Millplus it or Siemens 840D solutionline.




Technical Data

Machine Type DMU 50 DMU 70
Travel X/Y/Z mm 500/450/400 750/600/520
Main Drive
Speed range rpm 20-10,000 (20-14,000)* 20-10,000 (20-14,000)*
Drive power (100/40% DC) kW 9/13 (15/19)* 9/13 (15/19)*
Toraue (40% DC) Nm 83 (100)* 83 (100)*
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z m/min 24 24
Max. feed power kN 4.8 6
Fixed table
Clamping surface mm 700 x 500 1,000 x 620
Max. load kg 500 800
Intergrated swivel rotary table*
Clamping surface mm Ø 630 x 500 Ø 800 x 620
Max. load kg 200 350
Swivel range Degrees -5 / +110 -10 / +95
Tool changer option – pick up
Pockets Number/kg 16/6 16/6
Max. tool length mm 300 300
Max. tool diameter mm 80/130 80/130
Tool Changer option – chain with double gripper
Pockets Number/kg 30/6 30/6
Max. tool length mm 300 300
Max. tool diameter mm 130/80 130/80
Machine weight/Connected load
Weight kg 3,700 8,000
Drive power kW 21 25
Max. rated current A 31 37
Additional options
Electric hand wheel
Tool fitting HSK-A63, incl. cone cleaning
Parts apparatus for fixed table
Measuring probe
Tool breakage control
Direct measuring system for rotary axes/Linear axes
Laser tool measuring
Chip conveyor
Coolant/Air cooling switch
Control DMU 50 DMU 750
Heidenhain iTNC 530 + +
Heidenhain MillPlus iT + +
Siemens 840D solutionline + +
+ available , – not avaliable