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NEX Series

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NEX Series More Than 20 Year’s Sales To the Worldwide MarketĀ The Most Common Equipment for Standard and High Efficiency Turning

Taiwan Tasisawa NEX Series CNC Lathe A Wide Range of CNC Lathe for Flexible Selection

Based on Taiwan Tadisawa’s outstanding R&D capabilities, we have successfully developed a wide range of CNC lathe in the NEX series for bar stock machining and parts machining.

No matter which lathe you select, it provides all the capacity, stability and precision you will require, Each lathe is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. That’s why Taiwan Takisawa lathes receive complete acceptance by users around the world, and are internationally recognized.

Takisawa CNC Lathe NEX Series IN-HOUSE Manaufactured Turret Different Types of turrets IN-HOUSE Manufactured spindle The Professional Entry Model For bar Feeding Works NEX-106 The Classic Takisawa Lathe For Both bar Feeding or chucking worlds NEX-108 Rapid and heavy duty Flexibility and productivity NEX-108 NEX-110 The Combination of rigidity & accuracy two step gear drive spindle for heavy cutting Standard and optional accessories Spindle Specifications Machine Dimensions Specifications